Skyblock is a game for people who want to try Minecraft starting from almost nothing. It consists of a 5x5 area of dirt 4 blocks tall and has three sections. The Tree, an open space and the Chest.

How to MakeEdit

First, in Creative Mode, make a 5x5 dirt area with 4 blocks tall, grow a tree, and place a chest.

  • Inside the chest place the following:                        
    File:2011-12-29 145748 1112566.jpg
    • 2 Buckets of water
    • 10 Buckets of lava (for obsidian)
    • 1 Wheat seed
    • 3 Wool
    • 3 diamond (for pick-axe to mine obsidian)
    • 1 carrot
    • 1 potato
    • 1 melon seed
    • 1 pumpkin seed ( if you want)


  1. Don't attack other players! (unless you are playing by yourself)
  2. Don't cheat!
  3. Don't hog everything to yourself! (again, unless playing by self)


Now you've got everything and you've written the rules and challenges on a Sign then you are ready to begin. First of all, remember that if you crouch, you can`t fall off the edge. To make a Cobblestone generator, look at this image. Right before the water hits the Cobblestone, there is a hole at the bottom so the water doesn`t rush in and turn the lava into obsidian. If that happens, then restart. Now start to expand by digging down 2, but no more than 2 or you will fall. Also, use your fresh Cobblestone to build and expand your land. The rest is up to you.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • If you make your generator like this then you are doing great.
  • Make an infinite water source with the two water blocks. 2 by 2 and water in both corners makes one.
  • Making a Stone Pickaxe helps you, but is not necessary since you have a diamond pickaxe.
  • Before you cut the tree, put dirt around it so you can catch the saplings   (If you are lucky enough to get saplings).
  • Crouch and you won't fall off edge.
  • Putting wood in a Furnace and cooking it with more wooden planks makes Charcoal for a Torch (just like Coal).
  • Don't destroy all the grass or animals won't spawn.
  • You need 4 pieces of wooden planks to make a Crafting Table.
  • Obsidian can only be mined with a Diamond Pickaxe.